Putting a roof on the control tower. Website/Forums: www.gamingstylez.com Twitter bit.ly Facebook: on.fb.me Twitch.tv: bit.ly MCF Thread: bit.ly Merchandise: bit.ly Donate: bit.ly Game Mods Used: OptiFine – bit.ly Not Enough Items (recipes) – bit.ly BuildCraft – bit.ly IndustrialCraft2 – bit.ly RedPower2 – bit.ly Forestry for Minecraft – bit.ly Railcraft – bit.ly Logistics Pipes – bit.ly AdditionalPipes – bit.ly Somnia – bit.ly Wireless Redstone – bit.ly Treecapitator – bit.ly How to Install Mods – bit.ly World Seed – “industrialized” (Makes different map due to terrain generation changes) Technical Specs: Intel Core i7 920 @ 4ghz Geforce GTX 680 12gb DDR3 Minecraft running from a solid-state drive All footage recorded with Dxtory – bit.ly
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